Exhibition Design Art of Asian Regionality

and Climate in Phnom Penh 2018

-Classic / Avant-garde-  Audition of art pieces

Asian design art is currently developing by absorbing the Western culture along with the rapid economic development, and a number of exhibitions are held for it.  However, it has been feared that the distinctiveness (regionality and climate) of Asia is being weakened,

and it has been considered that the characteristics of Asia of different cultures from the Western countries will be more imperative in the future.  Consequently it has been determined to hold

an exhibition at the Royal University of Phnom Penh by publicly recruiting and recommending

art pieces from all over East Asia and Southeast Asia, focusing on both “classic” respecting

the existing native, ethnic and traditional histories of the countries, and “avant-garde” which

has newly evolved therefrom.  Visibility and creation of Asian design art with abundant characteristics are aimed for by holding the exhibition and facilitating cultural exchange. 

Our future vision is to hold exhibition in the areas of all over Asia.

A “classic piece” taking advantage of Asian histories and traditions or “avant-guard piece” maximizing the applicant’s originality and sensibility are sought.

Widely sought in art, graphic, product, video, fashion, architecture, etc.

(only pieces which can be exhibited at the Royal University of Phnom Penh)

Exhibition date: September 19, 20, 21 in 2018


Venue: Royal University of Phnom Penh Kizuna Hall

How to apply:

By mail or fill in the required conditions on the entry form on the website.

Email address (Japanese and English languages): angkortakakazu@gmail.com

Address : No.BB11, St.101, Sangkat Boeung Trabeak, Khan Chamkarmorn, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Email address (Khmer language): leaksmyroth@yahoo.co.jp

WEBsite: https://asiadesignart.wixsite.com/ada2018



First audition (free): Deadline: Must arrive before August 15

Concept board: A3 size x 1 piece (thick paper / illustration board), concept comment, photo attachment, etc. (expression may be made as you like); fill in the required items in the entry form, attach to the back side and mail it to the designated address, and also fill in the entry form and email it to the designated address.

We contact you after the audition.

Note: If you have already created your piece, please send it directly.

Second audition: Deadline: August 15

Mail the art piece to the address above after being accepted at the first audition.


Conditions for entry

An individual or group who is creative elaborating with Asian regionality and climate and who has ownership of its own art piece (regardless of nationality, age, professional or amateur)


Selection of prize, acceptance, exhibition at the Royal University of Phnom Penh

1. Gran-prix: 1 piece

Award certificate, speech at the closing ceremony, extra prize (monetary prize, etc.)

2. Award for excellence: A few pieces

Award certificate, speech at the closing ceremony, extra prize (monetary prize, etc.)

3. Acceptance: A few pieces

Selection for exhibition: Several dozen pieces

The number of pieces and prize details are subject to change.


Sponsored by: The Toyota Foundation, Suntory Foundation, Mitsubishi UFJ Foundation, Royal University of Phnom Penh, Embassy of Japan in Cambodia (to be applied), YAMADA SCHOOL OF ART, etc.


Hosted by: Asia Design and Art Exhibition


【Attention for entry】


■The art piece for entry must be the applicant’s original work and unpublished domestically and internationally.

■Multiple pieces are acceptable for entry.

■Entry for other competition with the same art piece is not acceptable.  You must not publish to the other without the host’s consent.

■Insufficient entry data may cause invalidity of the entry.  Pay full attention.

■The art piece sheet will not be returned.

■The consent form by the person with parental authority will be required for a prize winning minor.

■The host will pay all possible attention to management and transportation of the art pieces of entry after receipt thereof, but shall not be liable for any damage and loss by any accident due to natural disaster or other force majeure.  The prize may be invalidated in the event that the applicant is found to be antisocial forces.



【Provision of rights】

■The right to a prize-winning art piece (winning art piece) shall belong to the host.

■Other intellectual property right than the prize-winning art piece shall belong to the applicant in principle.

■Take measures of right protection, etc. when applying if necessary.




【Asian design art exhibition consortium】


■The prize may be invalidated even after announcement of the prize in the event that the art piece of entry is identical or greatly resemble the design already published, or it infringes a third party’s intellectual property right.  The host shall hold the right to use the art piece of entry for exhibition and announcement of this competition.

■The prize-winning art piece which will be commercialized may be partially modified in commercialization if necessary.


【Privacy policy】

■Personal information of the applicants shall be used only for communication for operation, announcement of the audition result and shipping of the document, etc.


Roch Leaksmy:Department of Japanese Department Chair

Royal University of Phnom Penh  


Hun Sarath:Ministry of Culture & Fine Arts -Kingdom of Cambodia  Adviser


Takakazu Yamada:Royal University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh  Visiting Professor


Tadamori Fujisawa: Department of Environmental Science and Design

Showa Woman's University ,Assosiate Professor


Sadao Nakayama: Department of Design Shizuoka University of Art &Culture  Professor


Takuya Onishi: Faculty of Environment and Information Studies Keio University  Assosiate Professer


Yoshiyuki Kawazoe: Institute of Industrial Science  The University of Tokyo  Assosiate Professor

Toshihide Kuzuhara: School of Design Tokyo University of Technology  Lecturer


Erana Kang:ZERO Inc.  CEO


Hirohiko Shiren:SCHEMA,Inc.  CEO


Osamu Iijima:nide.inc  CEO


Masahiro Nakamura:tsukuruba Inc.  CEO


Toshiaki Kawamata :Think Sync Inc.  CEO


Ryu Kato:Filmmaker,Designer

​Asia Design Art in Cambodia Project 2018